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Introducing a much needed “Project Implementation System” created for the African Diaspora to complete essential generational tasks. Conceptualized by an African-American Prince, Saint Michael for Mount Kenya Prayer Park, LLC, together with the Tribal Guardianship of Africa and Non-Profit 501(c)3 Sponsors, The system is powered by 144,000 people of the African Diaspora partnering together, forming unique programs to generate resources for project implementation. This system has received great reviews from Finance Professionals. Both American and African Diplomats have expressed support and best wishes for these programs, the African Diaspora and the times we’re living in. BAYETHE!


*All Program Application Fees Are 100% Tax Deductible

*Government ID May Be Required After Approval for Certain Programs

144,000 Delegation to Mt. Kenya

SUMMARY: Program to cover travel expenses for 144,000 African Descendants in the 6th Region to travel to the sacred mountain of East Africa and thank God for Peace & Guidance for the African Diaspora.

*Government ID Required Upon Approval

Sacred Kabiru Scrolls of Africa

SUMMARY: Protected by the Kikuyu Seers in one location for the past 806 Years, the original scrolls of the Ancient Habiru are officially sanctioned by the Chief Seer for declassification to the world. After the Diaspora’s Induction ceremony at Mt. Kenya, official preparations will be made for their disclosure by the messenger of the Chief Seer, Mr. Samuel Kamitha.

Temple of Isaiah 2:1

SUMMARY: The Elders of the Holy Mountain are building the Gikuyu & Mumbi Cultural Museum in preparation for Humanity’s arrival at the Sacred Mountain… We at Pilpal.org think its only right to combine the energy of 144,000 contributors to provide the funds needed for construction.


What Are The Benefits of Joing A Pilpal Program?

The most important characteristic of Pilpal is the “Purpose” of our programs. We only organize programs that have inter-generational impact. Understanding that the benefits are as follows;

  • You’re not only officially apart of inter-generational Legacies that will be written into History forever, but you are a Founder of the legacy itself. You are one of 144,000 who will be solely responsible for bringing the purpose of the programs to life!
  • You help our Non-Profit sponsors to continue doing their work in our local communities around the world!
  • The program application fee can be written off on your taxes.
  • You help Pilpal.org to continue to develop more projects that will uplift African Descendants around the world.

Once I Join A Pilpal Program How Can I Monitor The Program's Progress?

Every Program Page has a “Milestone Chart” under it’s main header that lists the step by step milestones for program partners to anticipate. As a partner you will receive direct emails from Pilpal.org as milestone achievements are announced on the program pages on our website under the “Status Report” sections and our social media pages. In addition, Our Press Releases will be reported in popular media circuits. Spokespersons for our programs including will also interview regularly as milestones are reached.

I Have A Large Audience & Want To Help Raise Awareness About Pilpal.org Programs! What Should I Do?

Register as a “Media Sponsor” by clicking the “Sponsor Media” button at the top of our homepage and filling out the registration form. A media relations team member will contact you and discuss a great working relationship with you.

Can My Business Sponsor Program Slots for Others To Join Pilpal Programs?

Yes! Both Companies and Individuals can sponsor slots for others to join Pilpal programs by clicking the “Corporate Sponsorship” button at the bottom of our homepage. You have the options of uploading your company logo and being listed in our “Affiliates & Sponsors” sections. All sponsorship dollars you spend with Pilpal.org programs will be completely Tax Deductible.

How Will "Sponsored Program Slots" Be Given Away?

Sponsored slot will be given away with the help of our Media Sponsors and our own Pilpal.org Giveaway Programs in communities around the world.

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