Go To Sacred Mountain of the Nile Valley Dec. 2018


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Spiritual Leaders such as High Priests, Royals, Seers, Wise Men and Prophets from the entire continent of ancient Africa would all make pilgrimages to the Great African Glaciers that created the Nile River. Often, the reason for their pilgrimage was a last resort option to ask God for peace concerning a crisis back home.  For many millenniums, this region was known as the Mountain and Lands of the Gods. The precise location the biblical Mt. Zion was inspired by.

In ancient times it was called Kirinyaga and Thaio. Although the local population still use these names, it’s more commonly known as Mt. Kenya. It’s the second largest Mountain in Africa and a United Nations World Heritage Site. Tribal Guardians of the Mountain have announced through their ambassador that major changes are coming to America for the benefit of African Americans and advised them to do Mt. Kenya Prayer Walk in preparation for the changes to come (including warnings of natural disasters).

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Sept. 23, 2017

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Step 2

Consult Mt. Kenya Seers & Kenyan Government

Step 3

Launch Pilgrimage Fund & Sign Sales/Purchase Agreements for African Resources

Step 4

Hire Admin, Launch Private Network For Pilgrimage Guardianship

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Deliver 360 Video Pilgrimage Service to Global Market

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Book Tickets For Partners

Step 7

Arrive in Kenya

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Meet Local Pilgrimage Guardians In Kenya

Step 9

Mt. Kenya Prayer Walk

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How travel expenses are covered

natural resources from africa

We have obtained agreements with African Royals to provide natural resources from Africa to our program for a capital generation mechanism to fund programs. By tapping into this multi-billion dollar industry we have to opportunity to add extreme value to our programs.

Remote Pilgrimage Technology

We launched a technology department to provide the global market with a 360 video live stream of Mt. Kenya Prayer Walk. Global spectators who will not make the journey with the 144,000 pilgrims can participate remotely by purchasing our virtual packages. These packages will include 360 Video Glasses and Live Stream Event Tickets.

Motion Picture: The Original Scrolls of Moses

Proceeds generated by the documentary of the Sacred Habiru Scrolls of the Black Race will contribute to the Pilgrimage Fund for Mt. Kenya Prayer Walk. Other multimedia projects will be produced by Pilpal.org surrounding the themes of Mt. Kenya, Kikuyu Tribe and The Sacred Scrolls & Tablets of Africa. Revenue generated by these productions will also contribute to the Mt. Kenya Pilgrimage Fund.


Supporters can purchase Pilpal T-Shirts, Towels, Phone Cases and other merchandise and accessories that will be developed and released in our online stores.  By 2019 our product inventory will expand to cover a more diverse range of consumer needs.

Sponsorships & Advertising

Corporations, Organizations even private individuals can take advantage of our 501(c)3 Non-Profit Affiliations by sponsoring Pilgrimage Registration fees for groups of pilgrims.

Letter From Chief Seer's Messenger

The letter above was written to Ambassador Prince Michael by the only man on Earth who can grant access to the sacred scrolls of Africa. This letter serves our entire generation as a  sign of the times we’re living in today. A sign to indicate that a new civilization is emerging for ascension of Africa’s Children. All around the world!

Prayer Agenda

Divine Peace & Unity
Justice for Africans Everywhere
Protection For Freedom Fighters


Ancient Maps Reveal Origin of “Zion”

Several maps from the 1700’s affirm the tradition of Mt. Kenya being Sion. In fact, armed with these ancient maps and the wisdom of the Kikuyu Seers, HRH Prince, Saint Michael discovered a linguistic jewel that finally brings the unprecendented etymology of the word Zion to humanity.

Status Reports & Insight

Sacred African Tablets are Safe at Mt. Kenya
Before the arrival of white missionaries at the turn of 19th Century, the three communities surrounding Mount Kenya namely the
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Are We Hiking Up The Mountain?

No! You are travelling in a circle around the mountain, stopping in 6 towns on December 27th. Although many modern people defile the Sacred Mountain by climbing its peaks, Pilpal.org will not include that in our pilgrimage program.

Why I am I Required to Submit Government ID?

To verify your identity and help us provide security for your pilgrimage.

I Don't Have A Passport! Should I Still Apply?

Yes! There is plenty of time for you to get your passport. You are no required to have one before applying for this program.

Tickets cost way more than $144! How does this pay for my travel expenses?

The application fee of $144 give you entry into our program. Our program assumes responsibility for paying for all members with revenue generated through our various business models mentioned in the “How Travel Expenses Are Covered” section.

Where will we stay when we get there?

Pilgrims will stay with their local guardians. You choose your guardians through our Private Pilgrimage Network. The Private Network will be similar to http://AirBNB.com. Except our site expounds on the actual Guardians who are hosting pilgrims. This is a tradition for pilgrims going to Mt. Kenya. They wore the color blue to indicated being on a spiritual pilgrimage. Locals seeing the passing pilgrims, would give them food and hospitality.

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