Be one of 144,000 who produce the potentially most impactful motion picture revelation of the century! The original scrolls of Moses. A man who needs to introduction, but is in dire need of a reintroduction by his own descendants who kept his sacred artifacts safe for thousands of years.

Co-Produce Official Documentary of the Original Kabiru (Hebrew) Scrolls of Moses


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Letter From Chief Seer's Messenger


Why are the scrolls being revealed in these times?

The chief seer has indicated the time has arrived for their declassification. They were always destined to be revealed during the proper time. We are the generation that needs them.

Will the scrolls be placed in a Museum?

No! The scrolls will remain safe in the custody of the 12 Seers, where they have been for thousands of years. After Prince Michael is inducted on the sacred mountain along with the other chosen inductees from America, the Kikuyu elders will excavate the scrolls soon after the induction ceremony.

What Language Are the scrolls written in?

That will be revealed once the Elders excavate the scrolls from the shrine.

Who is going to Direct the Documentary?

The director will be selected after the 144,000 co-producers are registered. If you are interested in directing the documentary send an email to [email protected]

Will I receive credit for my contribution?

Yes! This cultural revelation is a milestone in history and everyone who contributes to its production will be credited on the official website for the documentary.

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